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After many years coaching business leaders informally, I am now pleased to offer formal coaching to business and charity leaders, through the completion of the Institute of Leadership and Management Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.

I create a bespoke programme of coaching for each client, tailored to your unique circumstances and goals, so that you can be sure that each session delivers value to you and your business. Contact me to discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them.


Running, or launching, your own business is both exciting and daunting. You have to think of everything, and often do everything until you get your business to the stage when you can afford to hire experts. And even then you are juggling multiple and conflicting priorities every day

I help start ups and small business owners to step out of the day to day operation and look at the longer term direction of their organisation.  I have created a 10 point business strategy framework which helps you to consider all aspects of your business and set realistic objectives for the future. In this way, we create achievable objectives that help you make progress and take your business forward in the way you want.

I run one day immersive workshops that enable you to complete a full 360 degree plan to your business and give you a clear path for future success.


Being the Chief Executive of a charity can be pretty lonely. Your team look to you for leadership, vision and answers – as do your board of trustees. Sometimes, its useful to have someone outside the organisation to help you.

I work with many charity CEOs, from those new to the role or the charity to seasoned leaders, in two ways

  • Strategy creation – I help CEOs lead their teams through a creative  collaborative process to create new strategies and strategic plans, which bring stakeholders together to deliver.
  • Coaching – I give CEOs a safe space to explore issues they are grappling with, and help them find solutions to increase their effectiveness as leaders.

Whittaker Brown is a leading business and strategic planning consultants based in Bath.


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