Having coached CEOs and business leaders informally for years, I am delighted to offer coaching more formally as a service. To consolidate my experience and ensure I follow best practice, I have completed an ILM Level 7 qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring at the University of the West of England Business School.

My role as an executive coach blurs the lines between coach and mentor – a coach is often someone who has no experience in your area who primarily asks you questions, whereas a mentor offers advice and guidance based on experience.

My approach is to question, prompt and guide – and offer advice, if that’s what you want.

Coaching is one to one – the process starts with a half an hour “chemistry” session to chat and see how we get on. If you’d like to proceed, we will start our first session by outlining what your goals for the coaching, as well as practicalities like when and where to meet, and any boundaries you’d like to set.

Coaching sessions are 90 minutes, and a programme consists of a minimum of three sessions. Contact me if you’d like to know more.


Whittaker Brown is a leading business and strategic planning consultants based in Bath.


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