Organisation strategy and development

“If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?”

Every organisation needs a strategy – a good strategy enables you to make decisions now and in the future, provides a road map for everyone to follow and a motivation for everyone to share

I work with CEOs, leadership teams and Boards to create new strategies through a supportive planning process. I don’t create the strategy for you – the right way forward is embedded in your numbers, your knowledge and your people. My skill is in revealing and distilling this into a strategy that you can action.

The process for each organisation is unique and bespoke – but if often includes the following stages:

  1. Review – what’s your current strategy? Have you achieved it? What didn’t work?
  2. Internal analysis – financial and data analysis, and exercises such as SWOT, Ansoff and BCG matrices
  3. External analysis – what is going on in the world that will impact your success, and using market and PEST analysis
  4. Stakeholder engagement – asking others for their views and input. This can include funders, customers, service users, volunteers, board members and other key stakeholders.
  5. Vision, mission, purpose, values – what do you stand for? What difference are you trying to make in the work? What makes you unique and credible?
  6. Goals – how will you achieve these things over the period of the strategy? Usually between 3 and 5 goals which will deliver the key elements of the strategy
  7. Objectives – what do you need to deliver in order to achieve these goals
  8. Implementation plan – the detail – costs, people, activity

Different organisations approach this in different ways – some take a year to create a new strategy, others a month – depending on what’s already in place and what degree of change they want to make.

My role is to guide, facilitate conversations, challenge, question and reveal insights. And to lead you through a process to help you deliver the change you want to see.


Whittaker Brown is a leading business and strategic planning consultants based in Bath.


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