Send A Cow

I worked with the charity Send a Cow for almost 3 years – they are an amazing small international development charity, with a fantastic founding story (check them out at  The organisation was on the verge of a merger when I joined – however by leading the SMT through a visioning process, and strategic workshops, their confidence in their own abilities grew and an investment plan was created to grow the charity without the need to merge.

I worked with the Chief Executive to create a new Partnerships Fundraising team – I hired a Head of Partnerships and a new team, creating a team of 7 which during my time at the charity grew income from this type of donors from £400k to £1.4million.

I was then asked to become Interim Director of Fundraising & Marketing, leading the fundraising, supporter care and marketing teams.  I focused on working with the team to create their first unified marketing and fundraising strategy, to deliver these new growth targets. I led the team through a process to create a new brand positioning and message structure, to explain more clearly the transformational effect the charity has on the lives of those in poverty in Africa. We created a new website, to show the organisation’s new positioning as a modern, forward thinking, entrepreneurial charity. This also involved an organisation redesign, restructuring the team to create new roles of Film Storyteller and Social Media Manager, to increase creative content and use new channels to reach new audiences.

I’m proud that through my input the charity doubled income over the period I was there, and that the organisation gained confidence in itself as a modern, progressive charity demonstrating its impact and expanding its ambitions.


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