Prospect Hospice

When Angela Jordan joined Prospect Hospice as the new CEO, one of her first task was the creation of a new Strategic Plan for this provider of end of life care to the people of Wiltshire. Working with the Senior Management Team we created a process of external analysis, including engagement with a range of stakeholders – staff, volunteers, patients and their families – to assess the range of services being provided, and how needs might change in the future.

I then facilitated a range of workshops to help the team focus their priorities and create a five-year plan to meet the increasing needs of the community. We created new vision and mission statements, and a strategic framework based around 3 strategic aims for the organisation as a whole, and set 3 objectives to the 5 year period under each aim.

I am proud that I helped the team bring together disparate thinking from around the organisation to establish a clear direction which the whole team was excited to deliver together.


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